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  1. Legal aid helpline- ‘Change’ is always looked upon as a mammoth task. One that needs eons of time and a series of herculean tasks. We don’t believe so. Every step, small it may seem, can work wonders.

    Reachout collaborated with Pune, and launch the Legal Aid programme, an endeavor to aid the victims of domestic violence. The 24X7 crisis helpline provides psychological counseling while the legal helpline imparts legal advice and information. The initiative was launched in April 2017 as a platform for every person who has experienced domestic violence in any form.

    Crisis Helplines: 8793088814/16
    Legal Aid Helpline: 8793088815

  2. Legal Aid Camp- Reachout has conducted the path-breaking success of the Legal Aid Project that we undertook in the village of Paud. The first step of the project was understanding the needs of the community.After this, the camp primarily focused on sanitation requirements and awareness about sexual abuse and consumer laws.
    The winds of change are blowing, come be a part of the change.